You! Did you knew that a short muscle in the ankle can cause a severe “tennis elbow”. Well, besides a direct connection of a muscle to bone you can witness a thousand options to solve a headache by realising the neck muscles. As you now know, everything is connected!. Today we will talk about the hearing sense. In case you hear bells/knocks/ squeeks you might have a strained muscle. Might, please consult your therapist.
The 3 muscles we will talk about today are the Temporalis, first picture marked in blue. Sternocleidomastoid, second picture marked in blue. and the Auricularis third picture, marked in blue. Temporalis is the muscle on the upper side of your head. It mostly incharge of the jaw but still connected to the ears area. Noticed the points that symbolize trigger points. SCM, AKA Sternocleidomastoid. One of my favorite muscles. 2 inferior heads from the sternum and clavicle and connected under the ears. In the bottom part of the skull. Everytime after I went to festivals I ended up with “blocked ears” massaging this muscle helped me every single time. Make sure you try to open the TP equally between both heads and both sides. Less but not least Auricularis. Very small and hard to find. In the moment you find it you can automatically feel your ears “get open”. How, why, who, when, for what everything is connected, I don’t know. I do know every therapist have to think outside the box!

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Copyrights for the pictures reserve to “Atlas of the human body 2019” by visible body. One of the best apps ever!

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    Ears are the center of the auditory organs. Dissolved substances stimulate organs of taste located in the oral cavity and gases or vapors act on organs of smell. Sense organs stimulated by light are familiar to us in our own eyes. In contrast with sense organs mentioned above which are classed as exteroceptors, the body contains others called interoceptors. They are sources of sensations of hunger, thirst, nausea and external pain. Other interoceptors in the muscles, joints and tendons are associated with the maintenance of equilibrium and are classed as proprioceptors. The semicircular canals of the inner ear are also organs of equilibration.

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      True, I admire your knowledge.

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