Body bay, Massage, grass, therapy, Thai massage, medals, relaxation, wellness, smile, mattrass, windows, beach, cometition
Body bay, Massage, grass, therapy, Thai massage, medals, relaxation, wellness, smile, mattrass, windows, beach, cometition

Hello there fellow therapists, excited for the upcoming international massage competition in June?. I am excited for the third time just like my first. The atmosphere, the people, many new connections and new ideas to inspire your hands. Here I will share some tips from my and other competitors experience. This is a non official addition to what is already states in the association’s webpage, in the Rules tab.

Structure: Two preliminary rounds. Each day is a round, you will be divided into groups of three, all from the same category. Each day you will get a massage, give a massage and watch the massages. Notice, family and friends can watch only your round. The finals, second day. On a stage in front of all the other therapists. The gold medalist in each of the six categories and 2\3 wildcards (non medalists therapists that have been chosen by the judges) will give a massage to the judges in front of everyone. This is the only time that some of the judges will receive a massage. The real judges in the final are the therapists in the crowd. each can give one point to his favorite therapist.

Some tips, Rita in 2017 won the silver Asian medal when she participated only one round. The judges don’t make an average. When flying, basic accessories to your massage go inside your hand luggage. Yaniv, silver wellness in 2018. The airport lost his hot stones which were packed inside of his big suitcase. Luckily he packed his thermic shell in his hand luggage. Music, Since a few sessions occurring simultaneously, It is almost impossible that everyone agree on the same type. Bring earphones. In the total, you will need maximum of three draping sets. Two sets for the preliminary round, one set for the finals. Take in mind that the judges will look also on how you arrange your bed. However, don’t show off (example; picture) and do things that you wouldn’t have done in your clink. All massages are 60 minutes, chair included. A lot of people get stressed because someone is watching them massaging. Practice before, do two or three session when you have another person in the room. In 2017 I won the bronze chair, and it was simpler then I thought. I watched what the other therapist didn’t do, Facial stretching. I am pretty sure it helped me a lot. The public transport in Copenhagen is efficient but to buy a ticket in the trains, you need to have an exact amount of coins. Credit card can be an answer.

Last but not least, judges. Trust them, they know how to do their part. Let them do their thing while you do your thing. Be natural and treat the person in front of you exactly like you treat your patient. Besides, you both share the same passion to the profession. So start connecting.

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