So how do you judge a massage competition?.
Theory, by 4 main categories; knowledge, flow, innovation, and ergonomics (the ability of a person to work with his body and environment).
Practically, a lot harder. Watching 9 massages simultaneously, can you tell who is a good massage therapist?

In the close corner, there is an American competitor that goes with her elbows slowly and properly all over the muscle, top to bottom, even more, she is making sure her wrist stays loose, saving energy, use your bone, not the muscle. Just the way it should be.
In the other corner, you see Hungarian competitor with his enormous hands, giving warming strokes that cover the patient’s body.
On the chair someone from England is giving a treatment using her new invention, brass-knuckles, advantages: keeping the therapist’s bones and muscles safe and sliding on the clothing, usually chair massage is the “Exspresso” of massages no time to undress. From personal experience, feels good, and doing the job.
On one of the beds, a therapist is dancing with her patient the “Lumi-Lumi”, a massage from Hawaii which is based on long strokes, One of my favorites.
On the Thai-mattresses there is a tall German that is giving a massage to a bit more “taking space in this world” guy. Operating by the book, warming up the CNS (Central nervous system), soft and strong pressure simultaneously. Stretching, lifting, opening up the chest, the shoulders, the pelvic, all abdominals, the man knew what he was doing, and he did it with a straight back. The therapist must maintain a straight back. Sadly, he didn’t get to the finals.

The finals arrive, all the therapists are sitting in a hall and in front of them 8 finalists.
Everyone in the audience has one point to give, and finally, the judges receive a massage and can give up to six points.

The freestyle finalist pulled props like inspector gadget. Stones, sticks, a vibrating pressure stick that I was sure is a myth.
The Swedish wild card surprised with amazing wrist movements, I’m sure it felt like 60 minutes of one long movement.
The Thai is the winner and the world champion 2017. She was – WOW, Ballet, art! Every movement has a purpose, till the tiny details. And proper use of the masseur’s mass. A good massage therapist uses his mass, not power.

It was so amazing to be in this event, so much is going it is hard to follow everything.
Such a multicultural event, India, Mongolia, Thailand, Bulgaria, Israel, Germany, USA…
So many streams getting into one place, every technique has its own laws, opinions, and criteria. This is why we got to this place, to get better.

Thanks to this event I met Ulf. Ulf is the German guy who did Thai massage. A Berliner. Amazing, I got an appointment. I find myself in a big clinic with a futon in the middle and the sun is velvety touching me through the glass roof. Along with the sounds of Beethoven and Bach I have received accurate pressure over anatomical trains (muscle groups). In my head I ask myself, how do you press my triceps, gluteus max, and hamstrings at once?”. It was so good that eventually, I gave up to understand how and just enjoyed it. I believe the massage after effect is also very important. The power Ulf gave me arrived just in time to help me deal with the horrible week after, every bad moment, I could stay calm and act properly.
Definitely the best massage I saw and felt, for me you are the world champion.

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