Where do Eastern and Western medicine merge?

In this world, we understand that touch and massage affect one’s health. In the last 50 years, there has been a massive acceleration
infusing the practice of massage with modern-day medicine. Massages sometimes defined as an alternative (Eastern) medicine, which isn’t rooted in science the way traditional (Western) medicine has been.
The fusion of both Eastern and Western medicinal
Practises shows that massage, while not 100% proven for its health benefits, can be practically proven for the advantages it brings.
While you can’t prove that massage builds stronger muscles and aids for faster rehabilitation, you can establish a lower heart rate after a massage indicating a certain level of well-being.
You can’t directly see that massage makes the immune system better; however, you can see those who have regular massages are less likely to fall ill while maintaining a calm and energetic life.
After a massage, it is common for a patient to say, “I no longer feel any more pain”. The reason is often a mystery.
Is it because of the touch?
If once a week for 60 minutes someone would hug you, wouldn’t you feel better?
If once a week for 60 minutes, you receive a massage without direct body contact, but massage tools used instead, will you feel the effect less than with a straightforward touch?
There are so many questions, which I am on my way to answering.
Want to join the experiment, then make a booking today, and let us find out the benefits of massage together.

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