Workers are expensive, but they create cashflow. This is why we try to make everything efficient and productive on the daily workflow. A good worker can bring profit and loss. A Sick worker always appears negative on the balance sheet.

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“Giving a massage is similar to owning a business. Do things smart, efficient, productive, intuitive, and don’t play with the health of others.”

Tzouriel G. Saadoun. Founder of Body bay.

Most of the time sickness comes on the count of stress, pain, restless brain and/or insomnia. This happens when somebody does their job. Maybe they are just like a kid that pushes himself beyond his limits to make the parents proud. Do you consider this as a perceived risk?.

Massages have a unique value to the business industry. 20 minutes massage a week outcomes as; an increase of personal productive output which positively affects the enterprise value. And there is more…

studies have supported the importance of extrinsic rewards, such as massage therapy, in increasing organizational commitment 

Massage therapy in the workplace: Reducing employee strain and blood pressure
July 2009
Giornale italiano di medicina del lavoro ed ergonomia 31(3 Suppl B):B25-30

Body bay massages, main success factors:
Personal care- Giving the time to everybody to explain, say, and share.
Professionalism- Actuallising professional knowledge on a daily basis.
World recognition- Two bronze medals from the international massage association, 2017 and 2018.