The fingers look the same but built completely differently. Just like the beings who own them.

Tzouriel S. G. founder of body bay

We understand that you have your own wishes and feelings. You are an individual and there is nobody like yours or yourself. This is why what fits the one not necessarily fit the parallel.

How do you like your massages? style, music, temperature, heavy/moderate/light pressure, with cream/oil or without, stretching as well or you just feel like talking. Through time we learned how to understand and ask the questions. Example: “any last places that I should press before we finish the massage session?”

In this link you can read some refrences. >>>> LINK. Bottom of the page.

Massage services:

60 minutes, 60 Euro
90 minutes, 82 Euro
Maximum of 240 minutes per session.

Mobile massage might be charged extra.

All sorts of massage included: Swedish, sport, deep, and Asian.

Tell us, how you like your massages?.