A few days ago I encountered for the first time an article that has been published in 1 July 2017 that officially approved the efficiency of massages on chronic lower back pain that oxford academy helps to fund.

The research held in the state of Kentucky, USA. A group of people that have been regularly visited clinics for at least 6 months due to lower back pain, and received at least one massage in the last six months. After a series of tests were taken to create a baseline by the participators, A group of certified massage therapists from the state of Kentucky. In this state, the therapist obligated 600 hours of studies and to succeed in the test to receive their license. In this research, in addition to those terms, the therapists obligated to have at least 5 years of experience. Every therapist worked in his own way and style, such as Swedish massage, Isolated active stretching, Fascia stretching, Lymphatic massage, trigger point, Craniosacral, Reflexology, Reiki, and more.

All the participants suffered a lower back pain (hip to the belly button line) which are very common among the population. This pain appears for numerous reasons, such as wear off- Age of the join and muscle weakness, Ergonomics- sitting or sleeping in a non-proper way, wrong shoes, and even mental states like stress or lack of sleep.

The structure of the experiment is very simple: collecting data, first check-up have conducted after 12 weeks and final after 24 weeks. And the results, overwhelming!!!.

Out of 104 participants, 10 didn’t receive even one massage. 66 completed the entire 10 sessions, 60 minutes each. Most of them finished the experiment with a smile, and testify a significant improvement of the pain and using fewer painkillers and antibiotics. The participants elaborated and said that will return to receive a massage if the pain will come back or get stronger. A major improvement was between the ages of 50. So which massage deal you prefer? The 5, 10, or 20.


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