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The medical term Corona is referred to as a type of germ which shaped like a crown. The COVID19 shaped like a crown and you can find lt “living” in your lungs, throat, and phlegm. A bit less in your feces. It is very rare to find them in the blood and impossible to find it in urine1.

It all started in China. Unofficially in December 2019. Only in 17.01.2020 acknowledged the World health organization as a global disaster and only since then documentation started. When we were at 12.03.20, 15:28 O’clock, total of 135,467 cases, Deaths: 4,749 Recovered: 68,6702

At 13.03.20, 13:50 O’clock, total of 129,589 cases, Deaths: 4,981 Recovered: 69,6452

At 14.03.20, 16:33 O’clock total of 149,293 cases, Deaths: 5,609. Recoverd: 72,0422.

At 15.03.20, 10:05 O’clock total of 156,400 cases, Deaths:  5,833. Recoverd: 73,9682.

“The overall crude fatality rate (CFR) varies by location and intensity of transmission (i.e. 5.8% in Wuhan vs. 0.7% in other areas in China)”. If you are a sort to say healthy person; under 59, fit and without comorbid (A second sickness that affects the person at the same time). 98.7% that you will survive this pandemic. The common comorbid that are dangerous with CoVID19-cardiovascular, diabetes, hypertension, and chronic lung infections3. If you have them, take extra care.

Please note, one can never really compare pathologies. One can compare situations. 2020 we have CoVID19. 1918 we had the Influenza Pandemic5. 1819 the first cholera strain made problems around the word6. There are no official papers that state that we knew how to handle mass panic situations. So let’s start making it.

Ladies and gentlemen, with all the respect to the viral pandemic, and we do have!. the fact that it needed to be controlled to not affect global ecological balance is obvious, but quarantined?. To react by buying all the toilet papers, closing entire states, proving that you can do your job from home is wrong. Instead of closing schools, give them an hour a day “How to maintain personal hygiene”, this will give better notes and will automatically prevent/delay the next pandemic.

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