Basic fundamental.

all stretches are approx 7-10 seconds only in the last second giving a bit more stretch range and going back to the basic position, full release.

The warrior can be female.

In most of the exercises, we keep our back straight.

But we always use bodyweight.

When The warrior is laying on his side, use his hand or a pillow to elevate his neck.

Ma-no-ra 1

Stretching the glute max, hamstring, and plantar muscles.

Warrior on his back, Kneeling to his side and placing his calf on your thigh.

Grabbing his heel while the forehand is going on his feet. The other hand is open on his thigh. open on the thigh and start to shift your body weight so look from the side to the sky. Stretching the heel and pressing the thigh

Ma-No-ra 2

Stretching the lower back and hip adductors.

From the Ma-No-Ra1, our kneeling leg makes a step across his lower leg while this side hand helping the ankle make a rotational to the leg, big toe to the floor.

Pressing the outside thigh, Iliotibial band.

Ma-No-Ra 3

Stretching the lower back anatomy train.

From manora 2 we make a step with the other leg, putting her parallel to his floor leg.while the other leg is stretched with your bent leg. Your inside hand is pressing a bit on the hip (pressing the far side pelvic bone) so his hip turns to the floor.

Repeat other side the entire process of Mo-Na-Ra


Stretching lower back and piriformis.

The warrior laying on his back, we bend one leg above the knee (if possible)to create a shape of 4. Rising the straight leg. We make a step across the warrior bended knee

Placing our feet close to the body and twist your pelvis to align his lower back to his spine. Placing the elbow on the arch and start to straighten and flex the elbow repeatedly. If you are too short, just laying his heel on your thigh and then the part with the elbow.

Repeat the other side.


The warrior laying on his back, we bend one leg above the knee (if possible)to create a shape of 4. Rising the straight leg. your shoulder on his straight Achilles tendon and grabbing with the hand his bend leg ankle. Start to lean forward, if he is flexible, go forward but use the other hand on his bent knee for balance. Repeat the other side.


The warrior is on his back, grabbing his ankles and raising the legs, open to create a small space so you can step inside so both feet holding his lower back. Closing his feet one on the other, and with your upper body pushing diagonal towards the face.


The Warrior on his back. With crossed legs. The crossed legs are laying on our shins.

Grabbing his wrists. We are shifting our weight backward so our knees pushing his crossed legs down and our upper body pulling the hands.


Stretching the internal oblique.

The warrior is sitting crossed leg with his fingers crossed and on his nape. we stand to the side of him one. We close on his hip by putting one leg closing his crossed legs and the other is on the side of his back. placing hands on his elbows but only one elbow is stretched with the rotation momentum. Repeat another side.


Stretching the internal oblique

The warrior sitting crossed legs we put a pillow\towel between our hips and closing our legs across his body, to stabilize the hips. Enter your upper body underneath his armpit and let him fall down backward with us, adding a bit more stretch with the hand.



Stretching the Rectus abdominals, lumbar accessory movement.  

Both sit. The warrior is sitting with his back to you with a pillow between you bring your legs inside, your ankle under his ankle, and your thigh on his.

He’s crossing hands, we grip his hands and slowly going backward, lifting his legs up. The action is taking his hands backward let his leg fall and push him up slightly and release

Both sit. The warrior is sitting with his back to you with a pillow between you bring your legs inside, your ankle under his ankle, and your thigh on his.

He’s crossing fingers and straightening them forward we push the forearms with the hands inside Lowering him backward with his hands, lifting his legs then simultaneously. The action is when you take his hand backward, let his legs fall and lift the pelvis\lower abdomen up, make him a banana for a second and release


Stretching the abdominal Obliques.

The warrior on his back when his legs in the shape of “4”. We approached from his straight leg side.

Our legs go with our feet arch on his armpit, the other leg goes under the straight thigh and our feet on his flexed thigh. Grabbing his wrist and moving your weight backward with straight knees.


The warrior is laying on his side. You can stand or sit. Grabbing his wrist and the ankle, pulling and using the leg to massage with the arch the buttock and under the ribs. When you stand or sitting and using both feet. Repeat the other side.


The warrior is laying on his side, his upper knee is flexed forward, almost in the shape of 4. By stabilizing his hip with our hand. we let his upper body fall down on his back and we push the chest to the floor and his hip as a stretch. Repeat the other side.


Pressing the piriformis

The warrior is laying on his side but he is torso is a bit more “to the ground”, his upper knee is flexed forward, his bottom hand is underneath his head. Our hand is a bit above the ankle and the other a bit above the knee.

We place slowly our knee on the buttock muscle, try to be in the center. Shifting our weight towards the knee, straightening the back leg for balance. and rotating.

The second option is to place our hands on his shoulder and the thigh, placing the knee and transfer weight, to give more pressure you can close your feet, carefully. Needs to be done both sides


The warrior is laying on his side with a flexed knee forward. We put our feet on his upper calf. Grabbing his arm and lean backward. Needs to be done on both sides.


The warrior laying on his belly, we are kneeling to his side grabbing his knee, lifting and put his lifted knee on our outside kneeling thigh. Slowly shifting weight to the side, so you pull the knee and push the hip. keep his knee flexed. Needs to be done on both sides.


The warrior laying on the belly. We sit on his back, flexing his knees on ours, grabbing the upper foot, and slowly shifting weight backward.

Second part

The warrior laying on the belly. We put our shins on his thighs and his upper foot is in our back. Slowly take the weight backward. To add more stretch, we can lift our hands up.


The warrior is laying on his belly, we stand and grab his ankles lift them up and very gently pressing his bottom half of spine with our feet.


Stretching the Pectoralis

The warrior is L-sit, pulling his wrists backward and pressing with the toes on his back in 3 points along with the back muscle above the hip, 3 c”m above and mid-back.


Stretching shoulders and back.

Sitting face to face, grabbing wrists and pushing the feet one to the other, try to maintain a twisted inside hip. Taking outside one leg after the other. Laying them spread on the floor.

Stretching the legs and lower back.

One is shifting the weight backward, and switching.

Face to face One is sitting crossed legs. The other is straight legs, griping wrists and the Crossed leg-pulling backward, and switching.

Hand Cross

Stretching the upper body and shoulders.

Both crossed legs, both rotate in the same direction. Grabbing the wrists without crossing hands.

Falling backward.


Knees are touching, crossing the hands grab each other wrist, and falling backward.

Release slowly, sit on your heel and say thank you.

A basic fundamental for a good massage therapist is Agronomy.

How a small Thai female can affect a strong and big Thai warrior?.

Using her whole bodyweight in a way that she won’t get tired after 3 sessions.

The Thai-warrior massage was created to help the healing process of warriors in history.

An interesting thing about it, that this therapy exists long before we know how the body built from the inside. And so far, this is the best way to stretch the Thoracolumbar fascia.

The thoracolumbar connects over 5 different muscle groups. Imagine making an organization your mixed cable multi-socket.

A basic Thai worriers #massage. To those who do not know, the Thai massage is an Eastern therapeutic massage, a very ancient technique, long before autopsy was an every-day study technique. After learning and understanding the concept of this sequence of massage, I can clearly say there is no better way to release your Thoracolumbar fascia than this. The Thoracolumbar Fascia is a connective tissue that connects more #muscles to one area and then, to the fingers of your hands and legs. This area is therefore very hard to stretch since it connects a lot of directions and depths. To understand it, imagine you have a multi-electric socket with more connected sockets then your fingers. Now try to get a few centimeters more in a certain direction, but you can not disconnect one of the sockets, no easy task, isn’t it?

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