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It was amazingly awesome!, The energy, the atmosphere, the people, the subject.
All of those made people come to me with a big smile on their faces and ask for more!.

Naree taught us a basic Thai-worriers massage. To those who do not know, Thai massage is an eastern medicine massage, a very ancient knowledge, long time before an autopsy was an everyday study technique.
After learning and understanding the concept of this massage sequence, I can clearly say, there is no better way to release your Thoracolumbar fascia then this.
The Thoracolumbar Fascia – Is a connective tissue that connects more muscles to one area then fingers on your hands, therefore, it is very hard to stretch area since it connects a lot of directions and depths.
The best way to describe it is like so, Imagine yourself you have a multi electric socket with more connected sockets then your fingers, now try to get a few centimeters more to a certain direction, but you can not disconnect one of the sockets, not an easy task ain’t it?

I want to thank Naree Seume and her family.

A huge thank you for the amazingly fast learning participants!.

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