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Ladies and Gentlemen, Allow me to present to you the “Massage summary”.

My name is Zuriel Geller, founder of, an experienced Massage therapist in sports medicine, and the movement system. Winner 2 bronze medals in the international massage association 2017 and 2018.

My experience and passion for details, made me devote a decent share of time to understand the different types of massages and their purpose. The most common styles: Swedish, Classic, Thai, Medical, Sport, Chair, Tantra, and mixed. Most of the treatments include direct touch and many other different characteristics:

  • Patient position- patient lying on bed or floor, sit on a chair, or float on water.
  • Clothing or lack of it- decided by the patient’s will or style of massage.
  • Oil- such as coconut or grapeseed,  no fat cream, or “dry” massage.
  • Touch-type (the masseur compresses, slide, shake); time- slow or fast, static or fast; the surface of contact (the therapist hands, finger, knees); direction (along or cross the muscle fibers), etc.

“Which massage fits me the best?” – common styles.

  • Swedish /Classic: The massage is on a bed, while the patient is minimally clothed (or none). Mostly a mild pressure while the therapist using his fingers and paws. Altho the name, people claim the origins are from Holland.
  • Thai: This style is mixed with stretching and yanking the patient’s body with a bunch of static compressions. The therapists using his hands, legs, feet, and more. The session is on the floor without oil and fully clothed, in purpose to open energy blocks. When massaging royalty, Thai massage is made only with the fingers
  • Sport: every sport has its own biomechanics, therefore the therapist must know the sport and adjust the massage to the athlete’s needs. Spiced with Stretching, deep tissue, trigger point, muscle rebalancing techniques.
  • Chair: A quicky, “Expresso” of massages, usually found in the office due to a lack of space, massage on the floor, or a bed takes a lot more space. The session is not exceeding 30 minutes because after a certain time the patient will be too tired to work, and we don’t really want that.
  • Medical:  a western massage that is designated to encourage health and relief the body using a wide variety of techniques. Best for pathologies and sicknesses.
  • Tantra: on the floor, clothing is optional. Massage without physical distance between the therapist and the patient. Stretching, compressions, and hugs full of oil. A separate massage under this name is Yoni to pleasure the female and Lingam to pleasure the male.
  • Mixed: A therapist that knows a few techniques often will use them in one session. Commonly used items are the hot stones and cupping that helps the blood flow.
  • Shiatsu- “finger pressure” (Japanese): on a low bed or the floor, the patient is clothed, without oil. Focusing on a long, intense, and accurate compression in order to reactivate the body’s energy channels.
  • Ashiatsu- “leg pressure” (Japanese): in this massage therapist uses mostly his feet to massage.
  • Watsu- hydrotherapy: This massage invented in 1980. In the hot water, the therapist focusing on delicate motions of the patient’s body, while maintaining proper breathing cycle.
  • Ayurveda- Ayurvedic medicine is India’s traditional medicine. Inside this tradition, there is a massage. Using more oil than usual and aetheric oils.
  • Lumi-Lumi– Hawai, characterized by gentle, long, and flowing movement, a lot of oil. The therapist uses all of his hand.

Final words.

I can definitely say, that every style is unique and has its own positive effect (physical and mental). One must remember that personal interaction and level of understanding between the patient and the therapist. So before you choose a therapist, choose your style. Got questions? Ask me.

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