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The more you teach the more you learn.
I have been talking with Benny a while, a dear person that I met in The International Massage Association last year.
He told me that after so many years he almost lost his passion to the profession. So my challenge has started, how to give a workshop for a working therapist.
How will I find out what he misses in his skills since he knows some of the technique even better than I?
I embraced the challenge and thought of a solution.
After a small “get to know the theoretical knowledge” talk, we started learning.
We took Oded Kahlon as a role model. he received from each therapist 20 minutes massage. while each person looks from the side and marking the “do’s and don’ts”, Of course, Oded also filled his chart. In the end, we got too many conclusions, one is not breathing, the other uses bad feet technique, everyone and his own week side that is visible from the 3rd person view.
It was an awesome experience, for me and for the others.
Ever wondered how a 4 hands massage by 2 world winners looks like?. You have to see in the end the face that he makes when he wakes up. Thank you for that moment Tamir. Link
Gladly to say the same day I have visited Moshe Moreno in his new school. I can tell you for sure, he knows what he is doing also theoretically, every minor movement is calculated and providing a purpose! Totally recommended!

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