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“After many years of competitive collision sport, my body experienced his share of injuries. Along the way, I encountered many therapists. Some were good, the others were better. After I studied sports therapy I could point out what makes the difference between the good and the best therapist. To prove it I can show my bronze medals, international massage competition 2017 and 2018.” Tzouriel S. G. Is the founder of body bay.

Patience encourages trust, knowledge allows apprehending, experience allows sympathy, and empathy allows thinking outside the box. Great service is to understand what’s the wish, to give what’s needed, and maybe introducing new possibilities. A perfect customer experience 🙂

In this awesome creation called “You” there are muscles. Palpation is the best way to check and manipulate most of the muscle tissues. Massage is cheap, effective for long and short terms, accessible, noninvasive, and the most important, fun! In our massages, we orientate to effect mainly on the muscle organ group. 

We obligated to the best. Join our happy clients.

I was treated by Tzouriel while visiting Berlin last year.  I found a great soul in a very dedicated young Physical Therapist body.  Tzouriel Geller knows the Anatomy and the physiology along with the necessary hands on tricks to treat the tired or the tensed body.!In case you are having ‘sport issues’ he is your therapist. In case you are looking for a ‘relaxed body soft hands massage’ with surrounding quite music, he is the best.

Dr. Isssachar Gilad

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