Our field of expertise is muscle orientated. Therefore, our workshops fit bodyworkers such as Massage therapists, physiotherapists, physical trainers, and massage enthusiasts. Our courses are given in three languages. English, Hebrew, and German.

Learning, student, massage, muscles, board, thinking

Private courses

Do you wish for a new orientation as a massage therapist?. This is the course for you. 12 Theoretical hours in which we will learn visual Anatomy, Joint biomechanics, and history of massage. Another 7 hours of practical “hands-on” training.

Learning, student, massage, muscles, board, thinking

For massage enthusiasts

We offer our workshops. Without any knowledge, you can learn how to give a professional like massage. In this art of workshops, we will learn a routine of 20 minutes in four hours of “hands-on” practice.

The workshop for experts

A group (+3) of professional massage therapists. Every therapist has his own knowledge and belief. Which is awesome! This is why instead of teaching new, we will enhance what is known. How? “experienced retrospective”.

Video and photo shooting

Among our services to massage therapists, we offer video and photo shooting. Since massage is always made in closed doors, it is hard for the client to know what they should expect. This can be interpreted as fear. Give your potential clients a feel of your touch. We will be there to make sure your message will be delivered the massage you deliver.

We also own a massage group on Facebook. In this group, we connect massage therapists from all over the world. Information, publicity tips, articles, and Memes. “Massage- the art of touch

If you have ideas, options, or any kind of a cooraporation, we will be happy to talk about it.